About the SERVICE
We’ve partnered with Mazaru – the service communication experts – to bring you a selection of voices and music that will create the best experience for your calling customers.

About the voices
The voices we work with are all professional actors and voiceovers. We’ve shortlisted these 10 to give you a choice of different vocal styles from voiceovers that we work with on a regular basis. For consistency, we recommend choosing one voice to record all of your system messages.

Music tracks
Not all types of music are suitable for use on hold, as phones don’t offer the same broadcast quality that ipods do. The 12 tracks we’ve picked will give the best over-the-phone quality, without irritating waiting callers. To keep the experience fresh, we recommend changing music tracks from time to time. All licences to use music tracks are included in your contract.

We recommend keeping messages short and remembering that they’ll be ‘heard’ and not ‘read’. If you’re not too sure what to say, take a look at our hints and tips. Or choose the ‘Script something for me’ option in the message box and a professional scriptwriter will suggest messages.
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This service is brought to you in
partnership with Mazaru, the service
communication experts.